Reposturing® Dynamics

by Aaron Parnell, ACST, Posturist

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Aaron Parnell is one of today’s emerging talents in the Vitality and Healthy Aging movement. Aaron is known as “The Vitality Man” and developed Reposturing® — The Pain Elimination Method. He is a dynamic and eloquent mind and body genius who gives you clarity for vitality and pain-free living.

Author of three books and nearly 100 published articles, he has appeared on radio and TV across the nation. Aaron is one of only 35 therapists chosen out of 2,000 nationwide applicants for the first Olympic Sports Massage team in Los Angeles. With over 30 years of experience, Aaron is on a mission to help every individual feel fit, flexible, and fabulous at any age.

Using Reposturing® with a success-rate of nearly 100%, Parnell helps individual clients at his center in San Mateo, CA improve their posture, flexibility, sports performance, eliminate chronic pain, and enhance beauty. His nationally accredited training supports the practice of every branch of physical medicine, as well as beauty, anti-aging, and pain relief. His contribution does not stop there:

Coach: As a vitality coach and fitness counselor, he assists clients in making lifestyle and work style choices that lead to wholeness, fulfillment and vitality.

Workplace Consultant: A naturally gifted expert in ergonomics and body mechanics, Parnell helps companies save money and maximize functional efficiency and workplace productivity.

Educator: In lectures, seminars and workshops, “The Vitality Man” educates and inspires health professionals who want to help patients and clients reverse the aging process, optimize sports-performance and gain freedom from pain.


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60 Minute Treatment: $350

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