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Dr. Daniel Fung has been providing full-spine chiropractic care and Active Release Techniques® to patients in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2000. He is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West. Specializing in the treatment of spinal, muscle, tendon and nerve conditions, Dr. Fung has been a credentialed provider of Active Release Techniques® (ART) since 1999. He has successfully treated more than 1,000 cases of tennis elbow and use ART to treat strained rotator cuffs, strained and sprained ankles, wrists and knees, and injured hands and fingers with great results. While Dr. Fung will utilize traditional chiropractic manipulation techniques as appropriate, he is dedicated to researching and utilizing the latest holistic techniques to resolve a variety of performance-affecting conditions. His passion is helping people perform at their highest potential whether it is playing a sport, on the job or enjoying a hobby such as gardening, painting or fishing. Dr. Fung is an avid tennis player and athlete who personally understands the pain and frustration of suffering injuries that limit your activity and affect performance. Many of his patients are professional and recreational athletes, and he is proud to have served as a chiropractor for the Dominican University Athletic Program as well as sporting events such as the Ironman World Championships Triathalon.

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